IT Business Products : Tips & Tricks: Moving Everything to a New PC

When you buy a new computer, transferring all of the files, photos, videos and settings from your old PC can be a time-consuming hassle. It doesn’t have to be: Samsung Easy Migration helps make it quick and easy.

Samsung recommends Windows® 8.

Upgrading Made Easy

You bought a new laptop and it’s got all the power, features and flexibility you’ve been wanting. Unfortunately, it doesn’t have the data your old laptop has been happily collecting since the day you turned it on. Your old laptop, a product of years of tweaking and tinkering, has everything set just the way you like it, from the size of your icons to the locations of folders that you frequently use.

Luckily you don’t have to spend weeks reconfiguring all of it by hand. Samsung Easy Migration streamlines and speeds up this process so you can take advantage of your laptop’s new features and enjoy the comfort of having all your content and settings right where they should be.

How It Works

With its simple, point-and-click process, Easy Migration collects your documents, photos, music and even Web browser favorites and transfers them to the appropriate folders on your new PC. When it’s done, you’ll find everything in the same place it was on your old computer. Simply specify the types of files you want to move, and Easy Migration does the rest.

What’s more, Easy Migration quickly transfers your selected key settings from your old PC to your new Samsung laptop along with your files. You won’t have to waste time reconfiguring icons, adding words to custom dictionaries, changing default fonts and tweaking other settings after you upgrade.

Easy Migration has two ways to get the job done. If both of your computers are connected to a network, either wirelessly or via Ethernet or USB, you can move your files without additional hardware. If that’s not convenient, you can instead use a USB storage device, like a thumb drive or portable hard drive, as an intermediary: Easy Migration copies the files to the USB device from the old computer, then copies them from the USB device when you plug it into the new one. If you have a choice, you’ll find that using a wired connection is the fastest way to go.

No matter the method, it’s a simple, four-click process that can be finished in minutes, depending on how much data you have to move.

It’s like having a moving company inside your PC—only one that does all the packing and unpacking, too.

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