Jeep Cherokee owners receive anti-hacking patch – on a mailed USB stick

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Jeep owner Fiat Chrysler criticized for mailing more than a million USB drives to drivers via the U.S. Postal Service Fiat Chrysler have developed a patch which is designed to make it impossible for hackers to take control of Jeep Cherokee cars remotely. The software update was developed after two hackers demonstrated in July how they could take control of a Cherokee and shut it down whilst it was driven on a road miles away from their location. Now, the auto manufacturer has been criticized for the way it has chosen to distribute the software patch to its customers – on a mailed USB stick. According to security experts, this method of distribution is not only unsafe but also very easy to imitate. “An auto manufacturer is basically conditioning customers into plugging things into their vehicles,” commented Mark Trumpbour, an organizer of the New York hacker conference Summercon. “This could have the potential to backfire at some point in the future.” Fiat Chrysler told technology magazine Wired: “Consumer safety and security is our highest priority. We are committed to improving from this experience and working with the industry and with suppliers to develop best practices to address these risks.” Source:

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