Jehovah’s Witnesses child abuse victims ‘may never see justice’

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The UK Government has been asked to introduce mandatory reporting to police whenever an allegation of child sex abuse is made within the faith group. Currently, the organisation’s “two-witness rule” means it deals with allegations of abuse internally and only investigates if the claims are corroborated by a second testimony – something lawyers say is unlikely given that many victims are abused in private. Concern over the number of “hidden” victims has prompted campaigners to hand a letter to Downing Street calling on the government to take action. Nick French, 43, was abused by his stepfather Gary Moscrop from the ages of seven to 13. The salesman, originally from Glasgow but raised in Brighton, said: “When there are institutions that have rules that protect paedophiles, then something really needs to be done about that. “When it’s one word against another, they can get away with it. Certainly in my case, it just allowed [my abuser] to become worse and worse in his criminal activities. “What a faith group like the Jehovah’s Witnesses would say about child abuse is they still view it as a sin, rather than a crime. “In this day and age, as soon as a crime is […]

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