John Smedley to convicted hacker: ‘I’m coming for you’

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Daybreak boss threatens legal action Daybreak Game Company CEO John Smedley has lashed out at a hacker after the Lizard Squad member was convicted on 50,700 hacking chargers. The Daily Dot reports that Julius ‘zeekill’ Kivimaki, 17, was given a two-year suspended prison sentence, and his web activities will now be monitored. The charges had been related to data breaches, felony payment fraud and various other counts. The hacker is believed to have been part of the DDoS attacks that took Xbox Live and PSN offline during the Christmas period. Though Kivimaki will not be going to prison, Smedley celebrated the verdict on Twitter, claiming it was the Lizard Squard member who brought his plane down in August last year after issuing a bomb threat. The hacker will not be facing any jail time at present, but Smedley has threatened to take his parents to court. that was the piece of garbage that brought my plane down, leaked my information and did all kinds of other crap to me. — John Smedley (@j_smedley) July 8, 2015   It’s important to note – he was convicted of crimes that had nothing to do YET with the PSN DDOS over Christmas (yes he […]

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