Keeping Your Server Virus & DDOS Free

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HOW TO KEEP YOUR SERVER VIRUS FREE AND PROTECTED FROM DDOS ATTACKS Keeping your server safe and secure is extremely important in order to preserve the integrity of the data or applications that are running on the system. In addition having a fully secured environment will ensure that the server is always fully functioning and online. Aside from hardware failure the most common type of issue that a server can face is a security breach of some description. This security breech could come in the form of a virus, denial of service attack or simply an intrusion by a malicious third party. Any of these scenarios could be potentially disastrous and could lead to loss or corruption of data as well as system downtime whilst the damages are repaired and the server secured. Having a solid security plan in place can help to minimise the risk of these scenarios from occurring. KEEPING YOUR SERVER VIRUS FREE Keeping your server virus free is relatively easy as long as you are following bets practices when it comes to security. Having an antivirus program installed on your server is the most obvious step and will go a long way towards protecting your system. […]

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