KSHEC website hacked; restored later

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On Friday morning, those who tried logging into Karnataka State Higher Education Council (KSHEC) website were greeted by an unusual message. A caricature holding a glass with red liquid — as if offering a toast — was mocking at the visitors with these words: “Your data belong to me”. The hackers had even signed off in style: “Defaced by Clinkz48”. Though the website was restored by afternoon, the incident was a rude reminder of how vulnerable some government websites are to hacking. Following the incident, the Higher Education Department sounded an alert to all universities and departments under it to take precautions.The KSHEC, a collective of the government, universities, academics and experts, acts as a liaison between the government and universities as well as the universities and the apex-level regulatory bodies. Apart from enabling communication, the council is also a policymaker of sorts for the State universities and the hundreds of colleges that are affiliated to them. “Fortunately, no sensitive data was hosted on the KSHEC website,” Bharatlal Meena, Principal Secretary, Higher Education, said. Though Mr. Meena said a complaint would be lodged with the police, enquiries with the Cyber Crime Cell, CID, and the High Grounds police revealed that […]

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