Law enforcement warn of gift card scam

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Law enforcement warn of gift card scam

As the holiday shopping season revs up, law enforcement agencies and the Better Business Bureau are reminding shoppers and retailers of just how good thieves can be in stealingCREDIT CARD information. This time of the year, officials are focused on gift cards. According to the National Retail Federation, gift cards are becoming more and more popular during the holiday season, shelling out billions of dollars in sales. Federal authorities and consumer advocates say some of those sales are made with stolenCREDIT CARDS. “It’s a huge concern,” said Warren Clark, the president of the Better Business Bureau of Upstate New York. Here’s how it works — officials say thieves have been gettingCREDIT CARD INFORMATION online and creating fakeCREDIT CARDS. Then, with those fake cards they’re buying gift cards, just as if it’s any old purchase. “Once you’ve gotA GIFT CARD, you can go into that store and it’s essentially like having cash at that store,” Clark said. Authorities are not able to talk about any specific ongoing investigations happening locally relating to the gift card scam. But, they did point to one case in March of last year. Four people from Buffalo were indicted for allegedly using fakeCREDIT CARDS to buy […]

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