‘Lizard Squad’ hacker pleads guilty to 23 cyber crimes

Source: National Cyber Security – Produced By Gregory Evans

A teenage member of black hat hacker group Lizard Squad has pleaded guilty to numerous charges brought against him in his native Canada, all centred on illegal computer activities. The group notoriously launched DDoS attacks on both PlayStationNetwork and Xbox Live last Christmas, bringing both gaming services down for the holidays. Many of the defendant’s alleged crimes stemmed from abusing players of online games such as League of Legends. The boy was reportedly able to uncover his targets’ personal information and make real-world threats to them. His offences include swatting (falsely triggering a SWAT team to surround his targets’ homes) harassment, extortion, and public mischief. Canadian local news site Tri City News reports that the teen has plead guilty to 23 charges, from a total of 40. Although he cannot be named, Ars Technica tracked down a nearly nine-hour long video that the man, who used the online personae “obnoxious” and “internetjesusob”, had posted to YouTube as he carried out his cyber attacks apparently in real time. Crown prosecutor Michael Bauer outlined to Port Coquitlam provincial court how the teen had spent his online hours threatening predominantly young, female gamers and their parents, including those located in both Canada and the […]

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