Lockport woman reports credit card fraud

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Lockport woman reports credit card fraud

A Rebecca Drive woman told Niagara County Sheriff’s deputies that someone had fraudulently used herCREDIT CARD to make nearly $750 in purchases. The woman said her bank contacted her about the abuse, saying that the card was used at a local Walmart, Sally’s Beauty Supply, North Gate Liquor and Game Stop. The woman’s bank put a hold on theACCOUNT after she informed them that she had not made the purchases in question. They requested her to file a police report. The complainant told NCSO that she had called North Gate Liquor and spoke to a clerk who told her that her card had been used by a black male to purchase “a lot of alcohol.” The clerk said there is video of the purchase. The case was forwarded to the CriminalINVESTIGATION Bureau. Source:¬†http://www.eastniagarapost.com/2015/11/lockport-woman-reports-credit-card-fraud.html

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