Matthew Ryncarz, Fusion IONZ Founder, Victim of Identity Theft

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ATLANTA, Aug. 31, 2015 /PRNewswire/ — Fusion Ionz has announced that the identity of its founder, Matthew Ryncarz, has been compromised and they are working with authorities to figure out who or what organization is behind the breach. Matthew Ryncarz was first alerted to his identity being compromised when he was contacted by the IRS regarding tax returns that were filed outside of his home state, with incorrect personal information. Matthew is making his personal identity breach public due to the number of identity breaches that go unreported. “When I thought of identity breaches I immediately thought of financial based breaches such as fraudulent credit applications. I had no idea that tax return identity theft and criminal identity theft were over taking financial identity theft as the leading cause for concern,” said Matthew Ryncarz. Identity theft criminals are able to steal identities and then file fraudulent tax returns that route tax refunds directly to them.¬†These crimes are not discovered as fast as financial identity theft so often times they will go on undetected for years. Additionally, these criminals can easily submit stolen identities to police during any criminal investigation, providing¬†a cloak of anonymity. If a criminal commits a crime with […]

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