Men who used fake identities wanted by police

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Men who used fake identities wanted by police

POLICE have stepped up the hunt for two men who were using fake identity cards around Europe and wiring money to relatives of the Paris attacks ringleader. It was discovered the men, who disguised themselves as Samir Bouzid and Soufiane Kayal, sent more than AUD$1000 to Hasna Aitbouchlachen, the cousin of ringleader Abdelhamid Abaaoud, the day before she was blown up in a police raid in Paris last month. The real identity of the men using the fake IDs is not yet known. The ID of Kayal was used to rent a house in Aurvelias, a town in southern Belgium, which was used as a hide-out to plan to Paris attacks, police said. Bouzid’s ID was used to wire the money. Belgian prosecutors have warned people about the suspects. “These men are armed and dangerous,” they said. “Anyone who sees those men is asked not to undertake any initiative and to contact immediately the police.” Salad Abdeslam is also wanted by authorities and it is believed the men disguised as Bouzid and Kayal helped him travel to Hungary in September. Abdeslam’s brother blew himself up outside the cafe Comptoir Voltaire but his own involvement in the Paris attacks is still […]

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