Merry Christmas from the Command Line!

Today we’re skinning holiday cats in bash. That’s Linux speak for we’re doing fun happy command line things for the sake of doing them. Merry Christmas!

Want to do a little math?


echo 2+2 | bc

meimi039 adds echo $((2+2))

Next, bash shortcuts

beginning of line: home, or ctrl+a

end of line: end or ctrl+e

clear line: backspace or ctrl+u

clear screen: clear or ctrl+l

firefox or firefox, ctrl+z, bg, fg

pgrep gedit vs

ps aux | grep [g]edit | awk ‘{print $2}’

Search Wikipedia: or

dig +short txt

So this brings me to ask, what scripts, greasemonkey or otherwise, rock your world? Share ‘em with us at — And be sure to check out our sister show Hak5 every week for more great stuff just like this. I’ll be there reminding you to trust your technolust.

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