Minecraft Tutorials – E24 Boating and Villages (Survive and Thrive II)

How to Survive and Thrive in Minecraft! In this episode, we craft a boat and go exploring via water passage. We find an ocean, a desert, cactus, and a village with silent, robed inhabitants. Download this tutorial world: paulsoaresjr.com or create it from scratch: www.youtube.com GIFFAMyouKnow’s video response: www.youtube.com BLOG: paulsoaresjr.com TWITTER twitter.com FACEBOOK: www.facebook.com YOUTUBE: www.youtube.com FAQ: www.youtube.com Get Minecraft here: minecraft.net In this episode you will learn – how to craft a boat – how to ride and steer a boat – how to craft a sign – how to harvest cactus – how to make friends and influence NPC villagers Want more Minecraft Secrets? Get the “Survival Guide”! www.minecraftsurvivalkit.com Tags yt:quality=high minecraft “minecraft beta” “minecraft 1.0″ “minecraft survival” “minecraft tutorial” “minecraft help” “pc gaming” paulsoaresjr tutorial gameplay commentary tips secrets gaming computer retro help beginners survival guide how to survive “survive and thrive” “minecraft boats” “minecraft village” “npc village” npc villagers

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