Most Popular Car Smartphone Mount: Kenu Airframe

Source: National Cyber Security – Produced By Gregory Evans

The lightweight, portable, and affordable Kenu Airframe took the top spot in our poll, bringing in just over 23% of the votes cast. It’s simple design, support for just about any smartphone type, easy attachment, and portability earned a lot of support in the nominations thread and in the final round. That said, none of our contenders took away a huge margin, and the vote was pretty much a five way split if you really look at it. That’s not a bad thing-we had air vent mounts, suction mounts, magnetic mounts, and some mounts that have options for how you attach them to your vehicle! In second place with just under 23% of the vote (the difference between number one and number two was 13 votes) was the wildly popular Ram Mount RAM X-GRIP, which was a hot topic of conversation in the comments. You can find an X-GRIP to fit in your cupholder, with one of those “bags” you can attach anywhere, as a suction mount, or whatever-and many of you praised them for being rugged enough to take with you on motorcycles, offroad, and in other crazy places. Third place went to the iOttie Easy One Touch 2, […]

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