‘Mr. Robot’ Rewind: Hacking the world to pieces in the Season 1 finale

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I’m sad to say that the first season of Mr. Robot has ended. We’ll have to wait a long six to nine months to get our next fix. We might as well have an “end of the world,” or at least “end of the season,” party! Over the past few months, I’ve analyzed each episode of Mr. Robot to share the hacking accuracies and occasional missteps within the show. And so far, the show has been pretty dang accurate. This episode was mostly about tying up loose ends from Fsociety’s Evil Corp hack, and introducing a few new mysteries for next season, so it doesn’t contain any hacking. However, the show still covered quite a bit of tech. So let’s dive in. Proxies and pet chip predictions The finale opened with Krista, Elliot’s therapist, meeting with her cheating ex-boyfriend “Michael,” whom we’ve learned is really named Lenny. He tricked her into the reunion under the pretense of terminal illness, but he just wanted to talk to her about Elliot’s hacking. The scene didn’t reference new hacks, however, it did discuss technology and cyber crime. First, remember my prediction about Flipper—the micro-chipped dog—being Elliot’s downfall? It turns out that Lenny was […]

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