#nationalcybersecuritymonth | 3 actions to take during cybersecurity awareness month | National Cyber Security

Are you aware that October is national cybersecurity awareness month?  If you aren’t, you’re not alone.  There’s lots of cybersecurity awareness activities in DC, some states, and Universities, but it’s all but ignored by the industry at large. 

Want proof?  Look at the homepages of the biggest cybersecurity vendors in the industry. Do you see a word about cybersecurity awareness month?

To me, this is a crying shame.  Almost all US citizens interact with the internet every day and need to better understands the associated risks so they can make educated decisions online.  This education could be a collective benefit for all of us.

Allow me to offer a few suggestions for actions to take this month, based on research from my employer ESG and the information systems security association (ISSA).

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