New Trend Described As ‘Organized Crime’ In High School

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COLUMBUS, Ohio – When classes begin at Reynoldsburg City Schools on Monday, Officer Nikki Riley says there is one thing every kid should leave at home is their cell phone. “We spend so much time investigating stolen phones,” says Riley, who has served as the high school resource officer for the past several years.  “Probably every day we have a kid that lost a phone or the phone was stolen.” Sources from Hilliard, Westerville and Gahanna tell Crime Tracker 10 that stolen cell phones are common issues they deal with almost every day at their school campuses. In Reynoldsburg, Officer Riley says for every theft ring they break up, another one pops up by the next day.  “Unfortunately, by the time we get a report of it, things have been handed off 4-5 times within the hour and our recovery rate is really low,” explains Riley. What’s more concerning for Reynoldsburg is a new crime trend that surfaced a year ago of kids trading cell phones for high-end shoes and sneakers.  “They’ll trade that phone for maybe a phone they’ll like better — and then a pair of shoes,” says Riley. She says it’s not uncommon to see kids bringing […]

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