No end in sight: More drama to come in the phone-hacking scandal

Source: National Cyber Security – Produced By Gregory Evans

Like the Wars of the Roses, Frank Sinatra’s much-postponed retirement and the proceedings of the Chilcot inquiry, the newspaper phone-hacking scandal seems to go on for ever. With the conclusion of the Leveson investigation into the British press, and the jailing of some journalists, many in the industry may have hoped that, using a contemporary phrase, a “line might be drawn” under this unrelenting media nightmare. It seems not. Rebekah Brooks appears set to return to the chief executive role at News UK, formerly News International – one she vacated when she had to face serious legal charges. She was judged innocent and cleared; nonetheless, many were shocked at what they learnt about journalistic methods at the News of the World and The Sun, and the behaviour of senior people at the titles, legal or not. Whatever lessons have been learnt and qualities Ms Brooks brings to the Murdoch organisation, even the most skilled public-relations exercise could not convince anyone that this was a “fresh start”. Rupert Murdoch has once again signalled a sort of rugged defiance towards the rest of the world, and displayed a remarkable sense of loyalty, even chivalry, to one of those closest to him. It […]

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