No justice in the land of the free

blacklivesmatterAnger, despair, and outright disgust are just a few of the emotions that describe the sentiment regarding the recent police killings in Tulsa and Charlotte.  Every other week the nation has to face the senseless murders of our African-American men and women for minor infractions.  Each incident contains video evidence showing legal citizens being killed by those who take a sworn oath to protect and serve.  The African-American community knows the story line all too well of how this fatal injustice will end.  Demonizing the murdered victim through embellished reports of drugs, gun plantings, and a checkered past, provide the framework of why the police had no choice.  We are to believe there were no other alternatives for deescalating the situation, despite the fact law enforcement are trained to find alternative solutions.  We once again witness the turmoil from a grieving family who seek answers on why their loved one is senselessly murdered in the streets for sport.

It is amazing that more anger and discussion is being centered on why NFL quarterback, Colin Kaepernick, refuses to stand during the Star Spangled Banner verses the killings of American citizens.  Some are in an uproar that he decided to exercise his right to free speech to bring awareness to racial injustice and inequality.  Injustice that is constantly showcased for minor traffic stops, asking for directions, or just simply being who you are in your own neighborhood.  Has the question come up to what the American dream is for young African-American males?  While many other male cultures will live to go to college, get married, and raise a family, what is the reality for our young minority men?  The psychological paranoia, of do I look threatening to someone driving in my car or if I move to pull out my driver’s license will I be murdered by the police, remains constant.  These are realistic situations that face African-American men on a daily basis.  Where is the outrage from mainstream America and more specifically White citizens on this issue?

We can no longer continue to go about our daily lives as status quo as usual.  With the upcoming 2016 election in full swing, we must demand that local as well as national politicians recognize our lives matter.  Understanding and implementing economic knowledge to force change within our communities is imperative for survival.  Those that can provide for themselves will not be looked upon as the lowest, but respected and able to flourish for future generations.  Calling our local politicians to task will provide accountability and community growth.  Demanding that law enforcement officers who break the law are held accountable is the cornerstone of our justice system. African-Americans particularly will need to mobilize and fight fire with fire.  We will continue to insist for racial justice for all.

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