No, Nest Cam isn’t secretly spying on you

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No, Nest Cam isn’t secretly spying on you

Is your Nest Cam watching you when you thought it was turned off? The WiFi streaming camera has found itself at the center of a security maelstrom this week, after research questioned just what was happening when the indicator light shuts off. Turns out, as with the Internet of Things in general, it’s complicated. Speculation about Nest Cam began following the release of an ABI Researchreport earlier this week, which took issue with the camera’s power consumption when not streaming. Measuring current draw when active and when turned “off” in the Nest app, the company concluded from the figures that “it appears Nest Cam is working around the clock.” “When a device goes to power down mode, you expect the current drain to drop quite a bit,” Jim Mielke, Vice President of Teardowns at ABI Research, said of the company’s findings. Source:

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