NSA denies Report that Agency knew and exploited Heartbleed Vulnerability

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The Bloomberg claimed that the U.S. National Security Agency (NSA) knew about the most critical Heartbleed flaw and has been using it on a regular basis to gather “critical intelligence” and sensitive information for at least past two years and decided to keep the bug secret, citing two sources ‘familiar with the matter’.In response to the above report, NSA has issued a ’94 character’ statement today denying the claims that it has known about the Heartbleed bug since two years and that it has been using it silently for the purpose of surveillance.”NSA was not aware of the recently identified Heartbleed vulnerability until it was made public,” the U.S. intelligence agency said on its Twitter feed.Heartbleed is one of the biggest Internet vulnerabilities in recent history that left large number of cryptographic keys and private data such as usernames, passwords, and credit card numbers, from the most important sites and services on the Internet open for hackers. The bug resides in the “Heartbeat” feature of the most secured open source encryption protocol, OpenSSL, which is used by several social networks, search engines, banks and other websites to enable secure connections while transmitting data.A team of researchers from Codenomicon and Google Security […]

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