Obama to urge tech firms to share data with government


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The White House confirmed today the President would do so ahead of a cybersecurity summit bringing together leading industry and law enforcement figures. Besides Mr Obama, Apple’s Tim Cook is also due to speak at the conference. Top Google, Yahoo and Facebook executives turned down invitations. A rift has appeared between the President and senior industry figures over his calls for them to hand over more data. According to a White House statement, the President would sign an advisory executive order encouraging the setting up of information sharing and analysis organisations (ISAOs) to help firms and government to share material on potential threats. It will also develop a common set of voluntary standards for the organisations to follow, including the protection of civil liberties, the White House said. Mr Obama has also launched an intelligence unit to co-ordinate cyber-threat analysis. A senior member of Britain’s National Crime Agency is also due to appear, along with executives from Microsoft, Facebook and Google. The figures are appearing at a White House summit, but one that the president has chosen to hold in Silicon Valley, rather than in Washington DC. Facebook, Yahoo, Google and Microsoft have all sent their information security executives to […]

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