Open Source Foundation Pakistan has been Formed Yesterday Evening

Open source foundation of Pakistan (OSFP) launching ceremony,
Founder of WhoGotHacked along with Other Guests.

After Recent Bombastic Blasts About NSA’s surveillance by Snowden We came to know that Pakistan;s Cyber Space is not enough secure , The most widely used OS in our government and banking sector is windows which is pre backdoor by NSA which is totally against International Cyber Law.
 Instead of Focusing on Chinese and western Technology we must focus on developing our own technology .
For the developing Secure Software there is a need to promote Open source Software in Pakistan , By Promoting Open Source applications in Pakistan we can Save our money in buying license and Promotion Open source applications is the best way to stop piracy which is right now at the peak in Pakistan.
Due to Lac of Government Interest to promote Open source in Pakistan as German and French government are promoting it by shifting there infrastructure from Windows and Other OS to Open source Linux OS, Techies of Pakistan Decide to do it themselves.
Open Source Foundation of Pakistan (OSFP) is The platform which will promote Open Source in Pakistan by Organizing Workshops in Universities , Colleges, government sector as well as in commercial sector.
Yesterday evening a Ceremony was arranged in Islamabad where where more 50 people belonging to IT sector gathered, The main aim of this gathering was to elect  leadership of OSFP ,

On This Occasion Mr.Babar Zahoor “the Founding Member of OSFP said:

By promoting open source in Pakistan we can save money and stop piracy”.

At this occasion Warm Speeches were delivered by Participants. the People Elected for Executive Council were:-

  1. Mr. Saleem M. Rafik     (Director General Operations NADRA)
  2. Dr. Syed Iqbal Ahmad PhD  (Adviser TVET Oxfam Novib Pakistan Country Office, Ex Chief Scientist Pakistan Agri Research Center )
  3. Asma Qadeer   Assiatant Professor Linguistics  (Vice President Women Wing Baluchistan Pakistan Tehrik-e-Insaf)
  4. Tahir Mahmood Chaudhary  President (Pakistan Computer Society, Pakistan Institute of Entrepreneurs, Falcon Engineering)
  5. Sarfaraz M. Khan  (Chief Technology Officer Path Finder, Ex Vice President Vectra Com Pvt. Ltd)
According to Bylaws Executive Council Members will arrange first meeting to elect Foundation’s Chair and Vice Chair soon.

Newly Elected Office Bearers:
  • President                   Jahanzeb Arshad (Vice President Operations Nayatel Pvt. Ltd)
  • Vice President           Asim Sheryat Hussain (Chief Executive Officer COMSATS Internet Services)
  • General Secretory      Qasim Mahmood  (Data Center Head FAST NUCESS Islamabad Campus)

Treasurer                   Anwar Shahzad    (National Finance Manager Society for Sustainable Development NGO)

Team WhoGotHacked Prays for OSFP to Bring a new revolution in pakistan’s IT Sector

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