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Actress Anu Choudhury has a few close friends with whom she shares everything. This Friendship Day, she is sharing her thoughts about her best friend, Sonu Nanda, with whom she has been friends for long.

Though they met at an event, their bond became stronger over the years and their friendship is now the envy of many. By Anu’s own admission, she can scold Sonu anytime and he would listen to everything without resisting. “In the past, he has been stupid many times and invited rebuke from me. He has a bad habit of not picking up calls. But he has been there for me on every occasion,” said the actress.

Recalling their happy moments, Anu said that once she had forgotten his birthday even though they were in the same city meeting and talking throughout the day. “But later after she reached her home, she realised it and wished me,” recalled Sonu.

Both agree that their friendship is beyond any set rule. “We have never given any gift to each other, not even a chocolate. But our friendship has been strong and now we confide in each other,” said the actress, who has been active in Ollywood for more than two decades now.

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