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Mandatory masking for staff who have not provided vaccination status.

Only students who were unmasked will be recommended for quarantine if they are considered close contacts.

Classroom activities are carried out with caution, but not restriction.

Students are able to attend Specials or classes where homerooms mix.

School sponsored Clubs and Sports continue with approved safety protocols in place.

Spectator limits may be put in place for indoor activities.

Adult visitors to the building are subject to mandatory masking.


(22 or greater active cases for five consecutive school days, but not greater than 33)

All previous safety precautions

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Grades 6-8: Masking is mandatory in the building in all situations where social distancing cannot be maintained (partner activities, small groups, in specials or Advanced Algebra, hallway transitions). When seated at desks and working independently, students may remove their mask.

Grades 4K—5: Masking is mandatory.

Exception: When students are engaged in non-contact physical activities in PE, they will not be required to mask.

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