Philip’s Smart TV got Hacked! vulnerable to serious vulnerabilities
Hack the TV. Philip’s Smart TVs open to serious vulnerabilities . It was common for a website, a computer or a mobile to be hacked before. But now its also possible to hack an Internet connection enabled Philip’s smart tv. Luigi Auriemma, a researcher with Malta-based ReVuln suggested how the latest Philip smart TVs, that have a feature known as Miracast that allows the TVs to act as WiFi ,can be remotely accessed.
 Miracast framework allows the users to connect their cell phone to view its display on larger screen of the tv. The same feature also create a bug which can be exploited by hackers to comprise not only TVs but also any device ( USB ) attached to it. 
The only thing the hacker would have to do is to crack Miracast password. Auriemma has practically demonstrated the proof of concept in a video in which he shows that how hackers can steal cookies, can shuffle the tv channels and how they can also play porn videos infront of family members sitting in a tv lounge before Philip’s smart TVs. Remarkably, the vulnerability in the Philips TVs was introduced in a firmware version released in December. Auriemma has since confirmed that the vulnerability exists in the current firmware, version QF2EU-, when it runs on model 55PFL6008S TVs.
 Beginning with the December update, there was no way for users to change the hard- coded password that nearby devices must have to access the Miracast network. He said he believes all 2013 Smart TV models from Philips are also at risk because they use the same susceptible firmware. Auriemma has stress the need that Philip should release a security update to secure this bug. 
He said in virtual world where companies like Facebook and Google spend millions of dollars for security, the newcomer should also realize their responsibility that they owe to people’s security and privacy and should never compromise on anything when it comes to online security of their customers.

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