Pooler police get laser crime scene scanner

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Detectives at the Pooler police department have added a new tool to help them solve crimes in west Chatham County. The FARO Technologies 3-D laser scanner the department bought in December aids forensic investigation by quickly documenting the scenes of crimes or serious wrecks through a rapid-fire series of 360-degree photographs. It creates a permanent record of scenes before they are disturbed, and the images it captures can be viewed from various angles with a computer. “The advantage of this thing is that it will end up with a three-dimensional photograph that you can move through,” said Lt. Karen Zantow, head of the department’s Criminal Investigations Division. After the scanner does its thing, a program stitches images together in a way that investigators can navigate. “It not only scans the area with the laser, it takes photos as well,” said Detective Richard Monkes, who demonstrated how the device captured a navigable image of a room at the department. “Part of the process is adding photos to the scan.” Zantow said the device might capture some things investigators miss as they work a crime scene. With the images captured by the scanner, it’s easy to go back and check. Importantly, it […]

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