Pro-Russian behind 800 million cradit cards dumps. Sources claim 
Recently, self proclaimed Ukrainian hackers; Anonymous Ukraine, have been claiming to have stolen 800 millions cradit and debit cards. Details of about 700 million of which were uploaded on file sharing sites and linked to archives of the data from two Pastebin posts.
 These archives, 300MB in size, contained a mix of account details and magnetic-strip information for MasterCard, Visa, Discover and American Express cards, it was claimed. There’s been some speculation that the data was sourced in part from hacked sales tills in Target stores across the US – some senior politicians blame hackers from Ukraine for infiltrating the retail chain’s computers to swipe 40 million or so cards. 
However, IT security company Digital Shadows which has been tracking the authenticity of the claimed believes that it is actually Russian hackers who are behind these these stunts. DG suggest that originally the claim about stolen cards was tweeted from a different account than those of the official twitter and facebook accounts associated with Anonymous Ukraine. 
The Twitter account in question was created just two days before it tweeted the claim. DG further told that Anonymous Ukraine has always been very eager to announce their achievement from their official Twitter and facebook accounts. Therefore, it is quite unusual and unbelievable that they could announce such an huge ‘achievement” on an account other than their official ones.

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