Ramnit Botnet Crime Ring Taken Down By Europol


Source: National Cyber Security – Produced By Gregory Evans

 Powered by Max Banner Ads A major European police operation has taken down a botnet that had been stealing banking data.The operation was co-ordinated by the European Cybercrime Centre at Europol, the European police agency, and also involved a number of technology companies including Microsoft, Symantec and AnubisNetworks. Europol reportedly worked with investigators from the UK, Germany, Italy and the Netherlands to take down the long-running botnet. Indeed, the Ramnit botnet has been going since 2010, and it has been mostly focused on banking fraud as well as stealing cookies and credentials from its victims. Most of the infected computers that made up the Ramnit botnet were apparently located in the United Kingdom, the Guardian quoted Paul Gillen, head of operations at the cybercrime centre, as saying. “We worked together to shut down the command-and-control servers for the network in various countries across the European Union. The criminals have lost control of the infrastructure they were using,” Gillen reportedly said. But Symantec on its blog said that most of the infected PCs were located in India, Indonesia, Vietnam, Bangladesh, the US, and the Philippines. Microsoft on its blog said that it has been monitoring Ramnit since April 2010, and during the […]

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