Rebekah Brooks has task of rewriting News Corp’s headline figures

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Rebekah Brooks could be forgiven for experiencing a pang of déjà vu when she starts work on Monday morning. Four years after she quit at the height of the phone-hacking scandal, Rupert Murdoch’s protégé has returned to his side as chief executive of News Corp’s UK division. Ms Brooks has been given the task of plotting a new path for a media company grappling with the transition from print to digital. She was cleared of all phone-hacking charges 14 months ago but her reappointment to lead the division responsible for The Times, Sunday Times, Sun and Sun on Sunday still attracted plenty of opprobrium. Critics include Chris Bryant, the Labour MP, who says Mr Murdoch “stuck two fingers up to the British public and the thousands of people whose phones were hacked” when he rehired Ms Brooks. Mark Hanna, the newspaper group’s former head of security who stood trial with Ms Brooks, says her reappointment “shows total contempt” for victims of the phone-hacking affair. “Very soon I intend to make it known just how underhanded [Murdoch and Brooks] have been,” he says in a video posted on YouTube. Yet Mr Murdoch is a committed fan of Ms Brooks’ talents — […]

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