Rural crime forum highlights illegal pig hunting problem


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At a rural crime forum in Gunnedah, primary producers voiced their concerns to police. Farmer Peter Middlebrook said he had tried to confront the hunters, who often steal diesel and vandalise fences and tanks. He said not enough was being done to prevent these pig chasers from trespassing. “It virtually happens every week at home. They come from the local villages and they are usually only hobos that don’t have farms themselves,” he said “Two years ago, we lost $45,000 worth of gear out of our sheds, that’s diesel, compressors, welders. They must have had a damn semitrailer to take it all away. We rang the police and they left a card. “A police station in a town Gunnedah’s size that only works from eight till five and no weekends, I think that’s appalling in this day and age. “If we could control the pig hunters and let on who we want to let on, not the bloke who’s going to cut your diesel tank and let it all down the drain, I think we’d be far better off.” Unmanned aircraft could be the future Farmer Kerry Swain said drone technology might eventually be the answer to patrolling property boundaries. […]

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