Sony has agreed to pay as much as $8 million to settle 2014 data-breach case

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Bloomberg reports that Sony Corporation has agreed to pay up to $8 million in order to settle the 2014 data-breach case related to the release of the movie “The Interview.” The news was disclosed from the paper filings in the federal court of Los Angeles. Though the company has not admitted any wrong doing or liability, but it has agreed to compensate its employees for the loss. The deal includes settlement with the current and former employees as well as the lawyers who brought the case. Sony will be paying around $2.5 million or $10,000 per person to employees for the theft losses and around $2 million or $1000 per person for the protective measures they took. It will also be paying around $3.5 million to lawyers for the legal fees and costs. The final settlement will, however, be done after the approval of Judge Gary Klausner. Employees claimed that the company’s data base was hacked during the movie release and resulted in the theft of their personal information. The hackers that call themselves as the “Guardians of Piece” broke in to the company database and spread several emails, social security numbers, important documents and other personal information in an […]

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