STEM a ‘driving’ force in preventing identity theft

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New York and New Jersey are teaming up to fight identity theft and they’re going high tech to do it. When you’re talking math, the DMV is probably not the first place that comes to mind. However, behind the scenes, they’re using facial recognition technology to stop criminals from stealing your identity — and they’re doing quite a job. “Overall, we’ve identified 14 and a half thousand people with two or more licenses. We’ve arrested three and a half thousand and taken administrative action on over 9,000,” noted Owen McShane of the Department of Motor Vehicles. That’s just in the last five years. So how does it work? “It takes a picture of your face and looks at fixed measurement points,” explained McShane. Then it compares the picture to the 16 million they have on file. The computer does it in about an hour with only a few hiccups. “It does kick out all the sets of twins and triplets, some surprises, but on a daily basis, we continue to get three or four people coming in to get a license under a second license,” McShane pointed out. Just this past week, for the first time, New York and New […]

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