Syria’s Internet Blackout for several hours ! responsibility claimed by ECA

Thursday morning syria’s all major networks were bring down , The responsibility has been claimed by  European Cyber Army by posting a message against Syrian electronic army at pastebin.

European Cyber Army wrotes

    Transmission from the “European Cyber Army”
    As you may or may not have noticed Syria was wiped off the face of the Internet!
    Below we state our reasons!
    The United States of American is an unfortunate ally of the European Union, meaning any attack against the US is a direct attack or Threat against us!
    The Enemy of my Enemy is my friend!
    The Syrian Electronic Army is a dangerous threat to the global economy and welfare of all nation!
    We had warned SEA that this would happened!
    They ignored our warning and continued to strike American and European targets!
    SEA is a grave threat…..A threat that must be neutralized before it spreads like a disease!
    Freedom is the price we all pay…

while on the other hands syrian electronic army said “Forsure , the Syria’s Internet wasn’t due to Sdos attacks as some kids claimed , it was due to malfuntion in the opitical cable…

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