TalkTalk Customers Data Compromised By Recent, Massive Cyber Attack!


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Telecommunications company TalkTalk has been hacked recently. Customer data seems to have been stolen, but the exact details have not yet been determined. The obvious step for the customers now is to login the account and to change their password. However, it is expected that they could receive spam and malware due to the exposure of their account. What exactly happened to TalkTalk? The company announced that there was a large and sustained cyber attack on their platform. Customer names, account information and financial details such as credit card and bank information could have been stolen by the perpetrators. TalkTalk told its customers that the hackers and other third-party entities could contact them and use the compromised information to blackmail them. To help speed up the investigation, subscribers are also told to monitor if there are any irregular activities in their accounts. Things look pretty bad for the UK company. Last year, they already got hacked. The company said that phone numbers, account numbers, addresses and names were compromised in 2014, according to Engadget. TalkTalk already said at the time that they have already taken the necessary steps to secure their systems. But the recent attack once again proves that […]

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