Teenage Hacker Cons the World, Goes Nearly Scot Free

Source: National Cyber Security – Produced By Gregory Evans

So imagine you’re re-watching The Social Network, trying to jump on the bandwagon and like Zuckerberg’s snobby, reactionary computer-elitist-sellout-hacker-stand-in. Suddenly, you realize that the only reason you have for really detracting your fandom from the guy, i.e., that he became one of the biggest corporate entities, commodifying every facet of subjective and social experience for the profit of any high-bidding corporation, that maybe somewhere about thirty minutes into the movie, he should have just decided to stick with hacking. How far would he have gone? Perhaps as far as seventeen-year-old Julius Kivimaki, who was recently found guilty of 50,700 “instances of aggravated computer break-ins.” Now we’re talking. Official court documents state that Kivimaki’s hacker attacks affected Harvard University, MIT, and many others. The attacks involved hijacking emails, jamming up traffic to websites, and the pilfering of credit card information. JUSTICE TO BE SERVED for the teenage hacker Most awesomely for himself, the teenage hacker Kivimaki is not in jail. Yes. Instead of prison or any comparable hard time done, this young one isn’t worth the effort, says the District Court of Espoo, who sentenced the boy–whose online moniker is Zeekill–to a two-year suspended prison sentence. The District Court of Espoo also confiscated […]

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