Terror expert: U.S. vulnerable to any ‘hacker or cracker’

Source: National Cyber Security – Produced By Gregory Evans

Terrorism expert Harvey Kushner says the most sensitive U.S. assets are at the mercy of any “hacker or cracker,” and the next major attack against the country will likely come through cyberspace, but he is also also cautiously optimistic that America’s best minds will be able to thwart the sinister intentions of its enemies. During a recent appearance on WNYW-TV Fox 5 in New York City, Kushner offered a blunt diagnosis of the cyber threat facing the American people and the nation’s most sensitive national data. “Any hacker or cracker from his or her basement can get into our national grid and get into our military hardware,” said Kushner in the Fox 5 interview. Kushner, who is also director of the Homeland Security and Terrorism Institute at Long Island University, said this level of vulnerability is the price of rapidly advancing technology. “The advances occur almost on a daily basis. So just when you have something up and you have it somewhat protected, somebody is able to compromise the system and get into whatever it is you’re trying to protect,” said Kushner, who fears the next major attack that succeeds against the U.S. will come from hackers. “I do think […]

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