The 30-day notice in Obama’s hacking law isn’t enough: Michael Sobol


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President Barack Obama wants Congress to pass a new law that would require companies to inform customers within 30 days when their personal information — such as Social Security numbers — is exposed. Forty-seven states have their own data breach notification laws, which vary widely. Pennsylvania requires companies notify customers “without unreasonable delay” but the government isn’t notified. How does one define “unreasonable delay”? Additionally, only information in electronic format is covered. Writing your social security number on paper forms that aren’t shredded could result in your being exposed and you wouldn’t be notified. A November 2014 Pew Poll noted that 91 percent of Americans feel they’ve lost control of their personal information. Once you share your information, will company employees be as diligent with guarding your information as you? According to Experian’s Data Breach Resolution group, 80 percent of data breaches are rooted in employee negligence/error. Why don’t companies implement better security? From the data-breaches last year at Target, JP Morgan, Ebay, Home Depot, Sony, and Staples, more than 400 million people were exposed. Our country’s population is 320 million. Potentially every person in the country suffered from insufficient security practices of companies with whom we do business. Not too […]

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