The Brazil-U.S. Cyber Relationship Is Back on Track

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Alex Grigsby is the assistant director for the Digital and Cyberspace Policy program at the Council on Foreign Relations. Brazilian President Dilma Rousseff’s was in Washington D.C. this week to meet with President Obama. The trip came two years after she had famously cancelled a state visit in 2013 in protest following allegations that the NSA had spied on Brazil and Rousseff personally. At the time, the Brazilian president was very public and vocal in her denunciations, calling the espionage “manifestly illegitimate” and expressing her outrage at the United Nations. While the U.S.-Brazil cyber relationship hit the rocks in the immediate aftermath of the Snowden disclosures, it seems like time and some deft diplomacy has helped patch things up. At this year’s Summit of the Americas, Rousseff indicated that she’s moved on. Things have improved so much in fact that the Rousseff-Obama joint communiqué dedicated five paragraphs to Internet issues. Most importantly, both leaders have agreed to resume the Brazil-U.S. cyber working group. The United States and Brazil share the understanding that global Internet governance must be transparent and inclusive, ensuring full participation of governments, civil society, private sector and international organizations, so that the potential of the Internet as a powerful tool for economic and […]

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