‘The Car Hacker’s Handbook’


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‘The Car Hacker’s Handbook’

Along with you and your passengers, there is something else riding along in your vehicle. It’s a powerful computer and in short, that means your car or SUV can be hacked. It’s possible, but don’t be too alarmed that hackers can remotely stop moving cars, open your locked doors and even steer your vehicle. Connected cars are a great idea, but there are some dangers for car drivers to consider. Enter The Car Hacker’s Handbook, from No Starch Press, as the first book to actually call out the dangers that lurk in modern connected cars. Yes, you car can be hacked! Says No Starch Press founder Bill Pollock, “I’m excited to release this book because the topic affects all of us. Modern cars are basically unprotected networks that weigh thousands of pounds and travel at 80 mph. And the attack surface is astounding.” The Car Hacker’s Handbook is not just a technical guide for car enthusiasts and those with an interest in the complicated world of cybersecurity. If you work on, or modify cars, this book could be your Bible. For years, car manufacturers have been lax on talking about car security, so “The Handbook” brings this all out into […]

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