The impeccable vision of First Lady Michelle Obama

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For the past eight years, the nation has witnessed exceptional greatness, humility, and compassion by our First Lady Michelle Obama.  The international community has championed her initiatives and felt a great sense of hope by her charismatic as well as personable demeanor.  We as Americans used the power of democracy to elect our first African-American President in a time that was plagued by uncertainty, a near economic collapse, and the highest unemployment rate seen in decades.  First Lady Michelle Obama provided us the reassuring leadership and strength that we were missing in such a devastating time period.  All cultures, from millennials through baby boomers, possessed a re-energized outlook on possible prosperity, achievement, and future generations.  In our time of reassurance, Mrs. Obama took our hands and guided our dreams to places unknown.

Michelle Obama entered the White House with an impactful agenda to bolster our mind, body, and allegiance to the United States.  She was adamant that our current generation of children and families understand the fundamentals of healthy living.  The Let’s Move campaign was created to address health and wellness within a country where high childhood obesity rates and food insecurity were prevalent.  Educating families on healthy eating habits, ensuring all school aged children had access to balanced meals within schools, and modeling the importance of treating our bodies as temples resonated loud and clear.  Physical activity was paramount with everyone from school aged children to Beyonce’ and Jimmy Fallon joining in on the fun.

Joining Forces, another corner stone of the First Lady’s agenda, promoted participation from both private and public sectors to support military families.  Dr. Jill Biden partnered with the First Lady to ensure the unique challenges that active and veteran military personnel as well as families encountered were addressed.  Our United States military members make such huge sacrifices for the everyday protection of American citizens and Joining Forces ensured basic requirements were met.  Employment, education, and mental wellness are important issues for our military families in order to succeed within society.

Let Girls Learn promoted education specifically for young girls around the globe and highlighted challenges girls face internationally.  This initiative traveled abroad to countries such as Liberia, Cuba, Japan, and ultimately 36 countries to address education barriers affecting young girls.  First Lady Obama made it her mission to engage young girls and motivate them to never give up no matter the circumstance.  The power of seeing such a poised and educated First Lady care immensely for their well- being will live with the international community.  With her guidance the private sector pledged partnerships that will embolden generations.

A college education is paramount and Reach Higher provided students from varying backgrounds the resources to aim for greatness.  Attending a technical school, four year university, or community college after high school is the primary focus of this lifestyle initiative.  First Lady Michelle Obama understands the importance of education and exposing students to boundless opportunities.  Investing today in our young, bright minds instills the innovation and character for generations to come.  Providing hope will impact a child for a lifetime.

As we look back on the greatest eight years our country has experienced, we will never forget the impeccable spirit of our First Lady.  We will challenge ourselves as a nation to emulate her gracious outlook, personable demeanor, and overall impactful presence on our lives.  First Lady Michelle Obama, you have made us so proud.  Atlanta Free Speech salutes you!

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