‘There is no proof that video surveillance helps decrease crime’

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Why is it important to know the power structure behind the Internet? A researcher named Rebecca Mackinnon once said that we know how the world works in real life but we don’t understand the mechanisms that govern the digital world. If you know where a lawmaker works you could demand to meet with him or send him a letter… but you wouldn’t be able to do that if you think he lives on TV. What we see now is that every time a technology-related scandal breaks out, people complain and go around saying “they’re tracking our information.” Who? Why? It’s not the same when a private company does it as when a government is the culprit. Why are you so interested in the inner workings of the Web, from underwater cables to server farms? It’s part of my job to bust myths. When I began the book I conducted a very simple survey: I asked 50 people to draw the Internet. Most of those drawings reflected the idea of the Internet as a cloud, as something that’s in the sky. But if you analyze things more closely you can begin to understand who’s responsible when the Internet service is cut […]

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