This artwork hacks your phone to expose your embarrassing texts & photos

Source: National Cyber Security – Produced By Gregory Evans

You might think it’s only wannabe cheaters using the Ashley Madison affairs website who have to worry about their data, or that when hackers seize control of speeding Jeeps it’s got nothing to do with you. In fact, thousands are at risk using NHS health apps, and the theft of information from shops like Carphone Warehouse, are all too common occurrences. Most people just don’t realise the extent to which their data is shared, and how easily it can be accessed by third parties. Now, one artist has created an installation with the intent of making people consider how much data they share on their mobile phone, without even realising it. Data Shadow, a new online and physical art piece by Mark Farid, hacks your phone and shows you the embarrassing photos and texts that are already on show – to those who know how to look. Participants walk through the insides of a shipping container, and through a series of tasks, come face to face with their own, personal data shadow. The piece, which will be debuting at the Cambridge Festival of Ideas later this month, raises questions over the privacy we sacrifice when using apps, cloud storage services, and social media. We think it sounds fascinating, […]

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