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There’s no shortage of panic-inducing security news, such as flaws in web encryption that could allow attackers to slurp up your banking information. Then there are the proof-of-concept attacks. Security researchers seem to find hacks for every new Apple product within days, such as making a cast of someone’s fingerprint with glue to fool the iPhone’s Touch ID sensor. But sensational attacks require a lot of work, and luck. Hackers save them for giant corporations and governments, not individuals or small companies. “It’s interesting to read the stories, but you don’t really need to worry abut an elite squad of cyber soldiers going after your machine,” says Patrick Nielsen, senior security researcher at antivirus company Kaspersky, and one of four security experts I spoke with to sort the media hype from the real dangers out there. All four had similar answers when I asked them to name the main security threats. The biggest dangers I culled from their input are data breeches, unsafe Wi-Fi networks, and mass-distributed malware that takes over a computer. 1. PERSONAL INFORMATION BREECHES In December 2013, hackers stole credit and debit card numbers of about 40 million customers from Target. In February 2015, health insurer Anthem […]

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