Training the next generation of cyber warriors

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As the Defense Department fills out its ranks with troops that will operate in the digital domain, the military services are working ardently to train up and supply the U.S. Cyber Command with cyber operators. One key avenue for reaching a goal of 6,200 troops by the end of the next year is the Army Reserve’s program that is fostering cyber expertise that translates between the private sector and national security. In a recent interview with Senior Staff Writer Amber Corrin, Erin Thede with the Private Public Partnership Office for the U.S. Army Reserve outlined the Army Reserves’ efforts in building up the cyber forces that will defend the nation in cyberspace. Tell us a little about what you’re doing in building up Army cyber forces. We work with the private sector to come up with innovative ways to assist our soldiers, whether it be through training, deployment or leadership opportunities. Cyber being such a very large point of interest across both the public and private sectors, we felt this would be a good opportunity for us to work with our partnerships that we currently have. So, what we did was we started working with six core universities, which are […]

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