U.S. Card Thief Jailed for a Long Haul

Source: National Cyber Security – Produced By Gregory Evans

Today we got to know that a U.S card thief have to face lengthy jail terms because of credit card fraud. Cameron Harrison of Georgia was a part of credit card fraud on a website Carder.su. About $50m has been charged to the group which used or operated carder.su. The group as broken by U.S law enforcement in 2012 and 55 members were charged. The leaders of the carder.su group, which is believed to be runned via Russia and is sill believed to be at large. This case is believed to be the first case to use racketeering laws against cyber criminals. Before that the laws were used against the members of crime groups. Harrison aka Kilobit, joined the group in 2008 and was expert in stealing credit cards, IDs and in financial frauds. Documents filed by US Department which is against Harrison tells us that he has been charged for two counts of racketeering and one for making and selling fake ID Documents made by himself. He have been charged for $50 million as the crime affected about 250 victims and U.S guidelines suggest that he might face long jail term as he was involved in Credit Card frauds too. The U.S government […]

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