U.S. Government, Firms Conduct International Cyber-Exercises

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The 3-week effort, called Cyber Guard, comes as U.S. government systems and private firms suffer major attacks. This year, banks and energy officials took part. The U.S. Department of Defense wrapped up a 20-day series of cyber-exercises incorporating more than 100 federal and state organizations as well as private industry and academia, the DOD announced on July 1.The exercises, known as Cyber Guard 15, involved a closed network that allowed distributed access for participants across the United States and security experts posing as attackers. Led by U.S. Cyber Command, the Department of Homeland Security and the Federal Bureau of Investigation, the training simulation involved civilian agencies, such as the Federal Aviation Administration, and a variety of military groups, such as the Department of Defense’s Cyber Protection Teams, Computer Network Defense Service Teams and National Guard teams from 16 states.In addition, for the first time, the exercise included participants from the private sector, including members of the financial services, electricity sector, and multi-state information sharing and analysis centers (ISACs).”Most critical infrastructure in the United States, particularly in the information technology area, is owned by the private sector,” Coast Guard Rear Admiral Kevin Lunday, U.S. Cyber Command’s director of training and exercises, […]

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