U.S Super Model Nargis fakhri Official Site Website


Just Few Minute before , Official website of American Super Model Nargis Fakhri’s Official website ( nargisfakhri.com ) has been hacked by Infamous Pakistani Hacktvisits with Handle Aryanz Khan and H4sn4!n H4x0r. Nargis Fakhri had recently started her Career in Bollywood by signing various movies with famous Bollywood heroes , H4sn4!N H4x0r and Aryanz Khan are well known for defacing Top Indian Websites for Kashmir Cause. Hackers Wrote:- HEY INDIA!; Think again! Salute oh martyr from the land of Kashmir, your last wish to recite verses of holy Quran Pak was not fulfilled. But the dream you lived with, will …continue reading

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