Ubiquiti BulletM2HP Wireless-N 802.11N/G/B 100+ Mbps Bridge / Access Point

Upgraded version of Bullet2HP:

Same performance as Bullet2HP in  802. 11g, 802.11b plus it adds Wireless-N 802.11n MIMO technology

Wireless-N 802.11n MIMO technology enables this device to deliver 100Mbps+ of real TCP/IP speed, wirelessly.

Compatible antennas N-female connector: 2.4Ghz frequency band

Create an Access Point or Bridge by simply attaching the Bullet to one of these antennas

One end of the Bullet2HP has an N-male antenna connector and the other end has a standard RJ-45 network cable jack.

Up to 600mW of TX power and enhanced receiver design:  Bullet M is ideal for long-distance links.

Zero-Variable Wireless Infrastructure Deployment with 600mW TX

• No radio card / host board issues

• No RF cable quality concerns

• No mechanical stability concerns

• No enclosure mounting requirements

Featuring Powerful AirOS Software and Linux SDK  Bullet ships standard with the powerful and intuitive AirOS by Ubiquiti Networks. It also is supported by a Linux SDK to encourage open source development.

Reliable System Performance  The Bullet features a signal strength LED meter for antenna alignment, a low-loss integrated N-type RF connector, and a quick and robust weatherproof design.

One end of the BulletM2HP has an N-male plug  and the other end has a standard RJ-45 network cable jack.

Also included with Bullet M is AirOS V, the latest evolution in Ubiquiti’s AirOS interface. AirOS V maximizes wireless performance for Ubiquiti M Series products.

Compatible PoE injector power supply sold separately $12.95


Processor Specs

Atheros MIPS 24KC, 400MHz

Memory Information

32MB SDRAM, 8MB Flash

Networking Interface

1 X 10/100 BASE-TX (Cat. 5, RJ-45) Ethernet Interface


Wireless Approvals