Urgent Message [Please read the description]

– – – ! WARNING ! – – – AT THIS MOMENT IS NOT OFFICIAL IF THIS HAPPENED REALLY ! A lot of Anons just dont know whats really behind and think that this is a lie. Anonymous is a decentralized non-violent resistance movement. So Stay informed by ALL (!) Anons on twitter. Follow Anons for the newest information about this “story” ! This Video was mirrored from: twitter.com twitter.com twitter.com twitter.com twitter.com and many more. STAY INFORMED ! ———————————————————————————- Citizens of the World, We are Anonymous. It has come to light that several cases of kidnapping of Anonymous individuals were caused by unknown federal officials. Recently, the owner of this channel, TheAnonMessage, was kidnapped by individuals who as he recalls, did not have any markings or identification. He initially suspected them to be high-ranking federal agents. As TheAnonMessage recalls, the individuals alledgedly took him, drugged him and threw him in what appeared to be a black van. For about a week, he was seized in a cell and was sometimes binded and put in a closed, dark office with one suited individual sitting at a desk. He would not answer questions. A week later he was released and gained consciousness at the outskirts of town. He immediately walked back home and tweeted the incident, and he is now in the hospital running a full-body checkup. We are afraid that more incidents like these may happen to other Anonymous members as we’ve